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Giving dogs a chance at aSAFEHEALTHYHAPPYLOVINGlife.

Who We Are


We are located on the North Shore of Massachusetts and started off simply as animal lovers…especially dogs of course. Patty  started volunteering at a local animal shelter and her love for dogs grew even more. She saw the pain, anxiety and horror in these dog’s eyes and it broke her heart. Patty couldn’t imagine treating any animal inhumanely, especially an animal as loving and caring as a dog.

Her passion for dog rescue really took shape when on her first visit to Puerto Rico in 2011. There are thousands of stray dogs in dire need of help, that’s where Wags comes in. Fosters and Wags work together to provide vetting and prepare them for their journey to the states for their second chance. 

The team regularly visits Puerto Rico to meet with fosters and rescue both cats and dogs. 

 We need your help with the expenses, that’s why we started Wags 2 Riches Dog Rescue. We are a 501(c)(3) non profit so all of your donations are tax deductible. We are always in need of donations so we can continue saving these animals in hopes of giving them their second chance.

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OUR History

Patty caring for a Sato