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Giving dogs a chance at a SAFEHEALTHYHAPPYLOVING life.

Who We Are


We are located on the North Shore of Massachusetts and started off simply as animal lovers…especially dogs of course. Patty and I started volunteering at a local animal shelter and our love for dogs blossomed even more. We saw the pain, anxiety and horror in these dog’s eyes and it broke our hearts. We couldn’t imagine treating any animal inhumanely, especially an animal as loving and caring as a dog.

Our passion for dog rescue really took shape when we visited Puerto Rico a few years ago for the first time. There are many stray dogs that are unhealthy and treated very poorly. Some of the locals rescue the dogs and bring them to their own home and nurse them back to health and hopefully transport them to a loving, caring shelter where they’ll find their forever home. We rely on the shelters to give the dogs a temporary home until they find their forever home.

Patty and I now visit Puerto Rico multiple times per year. When we’re down there we rescue stray dogs from the tough streets, clean them, vet them, spay or neuter them and hopefully, by the end of all that, they are ready for the trip of their life to that loving, caring shelter.

All of the services we mention cost a lot of money and we’ve donated thousands of our own dollars to these amazing dogs. We need your help with the expenses, that’s why we started Wags 2 Riches Dog Rescue. We are a 501(c)(3) non profit so all of your donations are tax deductible. We are always in need of donations so we can continue saving these dogs and in hopes of giving them a great life they deserve.

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OUR History

Kristie consoling a rescue dog from Puerto Rico
Patty caring for a Sato